The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love

by Blee

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After a 3 year break from the music industry, Respect Your Legacy Record’s artist Blee returns with a new album entitled 'The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love'.

The album oscillates between chill and hype songs that really keeps the audience on their toes. “The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love” definitely has an old school feel to the compositions that is rare in hip-hop today


released June 13, 2014



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Blee London

With songs featured in hit American TV series Graceland, Lincoln Heights and True Blood Blee is fast becoming an independent artist that is making major moves in this business.

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Track Name: Life
Yo talk to me,
I feel your pain brother walk with me
Don’t take it too awkwardly
If I tell you that I love you

Life’s A little harder when you’re black
But I ain’t got a problem with that
I’m in love with the skin that I’m in
And nothing in this world is gonna change that

Eleven month’s of mystery
Now here have one for your history
Still got that slave ship misery
But I guess that’s my choice though silly me
Keep getting them barefoot flashbacks
Look at that, we still can’t get that cash
After all that was raped and was stolen
What happened to that rule that was golden
You wanna let the past be the past but
Too many industries profit from that
So when you try to apply those blinders
Hollywood goes and distributes some new reminders
And if you talk about it it’s a bag of noise
Everybody’s like stop being paranoid
Why you trying to be a victim, enjoy life
Yeah, it should all be so simple right

Apparently we fit profiles of most criminals
And when we get time, it’s never minimal
See nowadays the oppression’s subliminal
Why, coz of the size of my genitals?
Or is it that bounce in my walk
That fills you with genocidal thoughts
I mean that sacrifice on the cross
Was for all of us right or am I lost
You feel like you’ve gotta shout to be significant
But as soon as you shout you’re a militant
Then you’re left with no choice but to suppress you
Until that point the only channel to express through
Is the angry one, middle finger to em all
They never loved me so I don’t give a f… who falls
Yeah, that’s the game that we can’t escape
They don’t even make a move and it’s check mate

We could front but the residue still remains
The crack of the whip yo it still stings
We still crying out for pain
Looking at the souls man it's still stained
It just gets manifested in different ways
See nowadays we see success in getting paid
No longer looking out for each other
No longer looking out for our sisters, our brothers
But it’s not just the black community
It’s worldwide there’s no pride in finding unity
How did so much fear and hatred get injected
Into our state of mind we need a new perspective
This temporary matrix called life
Is wasted if spent caught in strife
When happiness is so easy to achieve
a true understanding of love is what we need but

Life’s a little harder when you love
You feel like the only one who does
Everybody’s caught up in their careers and making money
No time for a smile or a hug
Track Name: Don't Hesitate


Don't you hesitate to call on me
I'm your shoulder when you need to lean
I know that pride, will make you hide
But don't you hesitate to call on me
I say reach out,
Reach out my brother reach out
Reach out my sister reach
Don't you dare believe
That asking for help will make you weak


Yo we need to talk more
No surgery just open up our hearts more
I know you feel like you're hardcore
Whe you say you don't care but what for?
Why lie when you know the prognosis
Is that you're mopving closer to psychosis
You might wonder how I know this
Man life handed me my notice
Me and the devil had to much closeness
Loved ones helped me regain my focus
So I paused that process
At that point when all seems hopeless
It's a privileged position to be in
Cauz you start seeing, things a little more clear
So these words that you hear man, just know they're sincere


It’s so easy to hold on to rage,
But we gotta find the strength to forgive
We don’t have the perception to gauge
How much longer we got left to live
The very next page could be the end of your chapter
So why share anything but love and laughter
Don’t worry bout what comes after
Right here, right now put love to pasture and
Let it grow man we need each other
Not too proud to say that I need you brother
Though that made me weak but I rediscovered
A version of life that’s leagues above us
The arrogance of man might make you think
That you could do this alone, it’s cool carry on
But when you realise you’re never on your own
The doors open come on home